Amplitude-phase Multifunctional Chips




Product Data Sheet


It is a dual-channel amplitude phase multifunctional chip fabricated using a gallium arsenide process with internal integration of power divider, 6-bit digital attenuator, 6-bit digital phase shifter, and 24-bit SPC drive. The typical operating voltage of the chip is VEE=-5V, and the two channels are independently controlled by serial ports, and the control level is compatible with +3.3V and +5V. The chip is grounded via a through-hole via metal on the back. All chip products are 100% RF measured.


*  Frequency: 14-18GHz 
*  Channel Type: dual channel
*  Insertion Loss: 15dB
*  Number of Phase Shift Digits: 6 bits
*  Phase Shift Step: 5.625°
*  Phase Shift RMS: 1.1° with additional attenuation ± 0.21dB
*  Number of Attenuation Digits: 6 bits
*  Attenuation Step: 0.5dB
*  Attenuation RMS: 0.21dB with additional phase shift ± 4.9°
*  COM Port VSWR: 1.3
*  VSWR of each Channel Port: 1.3
*  Operating Voltage: -5V
*  Control Mode: two channels independent serial port control, the control level is compatible with +3.3V and +5V
*  Dimension: 4*4*0.1mm


* TR Transceiver Modules

* RF Microwave Systems etc.